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Long term Wealth

Regular Income


Children's Goals

Tax Savings

Retirement Plan

Want to invest in company equity shares??

Great for your dedication to optimize Your wealth creation and to take part in nation's Growth trajectory,

but Are you still worrying about company-specific price fluctuations, Lack of Fundamental awareness, Price volatility and uncertainty????

No worries, here is the Solution.....

                                                          Mutual Funds are The Units of Investors’ Fund with 100% Safety, Security & Authenticity being managed by SEBI Registered Fund Managers, that invest in a number of Company Businesses across various sectors even in Corporate & Government Security Bonds, thus minimizes the Market Risk and optimizes the Return Potential of your investment over long term.


Few Types of Mutual Funds

Long term Goals Oriented

Income Tax benefit (80C) oriented

Retirement Plan oriented

Regular income Oriented

Life Insurance Linked

Savings Bank like Liquid Funds

Goals may be

Dream Home, Retirement Corpus,

Children's education & Marriage,

Car, Foreign Tour, Pilgrimage,

Investment in ELSS Mutual Funds  can be claimed for Income Tax Deduction Under 80C up to Rs.150000/- per year 

Highest Growth potential among Equity Mutual Funds

most essential plan to achieve Financial freedom in Retirement life  and Must be Started early in the Earning Stage

Debt/ Hybrid Mutual Funds

(with STP -SWP Feature) which Give Regular Monthly or Yearly Income,

Best suitable for Senior Citizens 

Hybrid Mutual Funds with Both Insurance and investment needs with much better return than conventional Endowment plans

Liquid Mutual Funds with better Return than Bank FDs, and with almost negligible Market Risk. Preferred for Emergency Fund.

Do you know Rule No: 100 ? for Asset allocation

Rule: Out of all Assets (Total Net worth) of one individual,

           Equity & Equity Mutual funds must Constitute = (100 - Age) % of Total Assets



             1) A Person of Age 30 years must invest   (100- Age) 70% of his Assets in Equity& Equity Mutual funds and remaining 30% in Alternate investments ( Debt fund, Real Estate, Gold, Cash, FDs)

Assume that the person of 30 years aged,  has the total Net worth of Rs.1 Crore,

He must have at least Rs. 70 Lakhs of investment in  Equity & Equity Mutual funds

and remaining Rs.30 Laks  in other  investments like Debt fund, Real Estate, Gold, Cash, FDs,

How much you earn may not be a concern but it’s the Investment Plan, that matters a lot for long term wealth creation.

Money     Time   Return    

If you allow these three to work together for your Investments, exceptionally tremendous wealth is Created beyond our imaginable expectations.

The Effect of Compound Interest is the

8th Wonder of the world........  Albert Einstein


Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)  is an investment route offered by Mutual Funds wherein one can invest a fixed amount in a Mutual Fund scheme at regular intervals – say once a month on any fixed Day.

  • The Investment amount could be as little as INR 500 a month 

  • Monthly Auto Debit Bank Option for our convenience

  • SIP can be stopped at any time in case of emergency.

  • SIP Investment Amount can be increased or decreased at our convenience.

  • The Accumulating amount, if needed, can be withdrawn any time and the amount  is automatically  deposited to the Registered bank account in 1 day.

  • SIP is the best way to enter the world of Security market investments for the long term wealth creation, where almost risk Free High returns can be generated.

  • Start Early, Invest Regularly to get the best out of your investments.

The above Illustration of Monthly SIP Returns on Equity Mutual Funds is based on the Past performance of Top 25 Equity Mutual Funds i.e. 17% CAGR as on 1st November 2021. Source*


Emergency / Contingency Fund

As per the Financial planning, its mandatory for every one to have an emergency fund as a financial security to meet unanticipated expenses, such as an illness or major home repairs or even during periods of temporary income loss, natural calamities or Pandemic period.

How much ?

Minimum up to 6 Months of Income Ideally.

Where to Invest?

investments with high Liquidity for easily withdrawing Money.

Eg. Liquid Mutual Funds, Saving Bank

Liquid Mutual Funds are Best Preferred for Emergency Fund as the Market risk is Negligible, can be 100% safely withdrawn online within single day and Returns are 3- 4 % higher compared to Savings Bank Deposits.


Senior Citizen’s Mutual Funds

Main Objective

Regular Income (Monthly or Annually) without Market Risk

Return Potential

5-7% more Returns than Bank Fixed deposits & other conventional deposits.

Tax Friendly

Indexation Benefit, (Not available for Bank FDs)

Best Liquidity

Money can be withdrawn any day easily.

How to Invest ?

Utilising the options like SIP/STP/SWP available on Digital web based Platforms of BSE Star & NSE NMF-2,

(we are Registered members),
We advise the Best performing Mutual Funds and investment procedure at your convenience.

Retire Early Retire Rich with Financial Freedom

Retirement Plan is Very Essential  in everyone’s Life but unfortunately it’s the most neglected

financial aspect of almost many people in India.


          Start a Long-term SIP in equity Mutual Funds toady up to one's Retirement age ideally, 60 years. 

Caution: Data shows that, due to lack of proper Retirement plan, at Present more than 77% of Retired / Senior Citizens are dependent on their children for their daily needs, which is not advisable and realistically not possible in future.

Source:, October 2017.

we, as the SEBI Certified Financial Education Experts & Mutual Fund Advisors, recommend you a bunch of Mutual funds that best suits to you based on your Investment Objective, Risk Profile, Income flow expectation and investment time Horizon.

As we are already registered members at BSE & NSE, All the Mutual fund transactions are in a very transparent way executed on Trustful Web based Platforms like

BSE STAR MF (Bombay Stock Exchange) Mutual fund platform  and

NSE NMF II (National Stock Exchange) Mutual fund platform.

To Open an instant Demat & Trading Account from IIF Securities

To know about the Performance of our Past Recommendations

Mutual Fund Investments are Subject to market Risk, Read all scheme related documents carefully before Investing duly Consulting a Financial Advisor / Wealth Manager.

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In our Entire website, there is no provision to Purchase any product, because without Knowing your Risk Profile, your actual Investment & Insurance needs,we don’t want to allow you to choose unintentional wrong investment options.

No more waiting, Talk to our Financial Advisor / Wealth Manager right today and Start optimize your wealth creation.

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