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Want to take part ownership in the businesses of elite behemoth Lucrative Companies  like Infosys, Reliance, SBI, in and around india???

Confused of huge capital Requirement !!!!                No worries.....

Equity shares in the stock market are nothing but tiny shares/Ownership (with equal profit Sharing) in those businesses & companies where Equity Shares are available even at a low price of Rs. 100/-

We, IIFL securities, provide free Demat & trading account for you within 24 Hours* where you can start investing in Stock Market at as low cost as Rs.10/-.

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Compounded Annual Growth Rate  (% terms) of different Assets / Investment options since Last 40 Years in India.

Source: Gold hand book of statistics,  Bank Deposits hand book of statistics and other related Statistics on Indian Economy, RBI.

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How much you earn may not be a concern but it’s the Investment Plan, that matters a lot for long term wealth creation.

Illustration: 1

If a 30 year aged individual invests an amount of Rs.1.5 Lakh per Annum
regularly for 30 years, with almost same Tax (Post Tax 10% ) benefits and
same Life Insurance cover of 30 Lakh……

Total Investment Amount for the whole period = Rs.45 Lakh.
After 30 years, The Maturity Amount will be   ………. ( in Lakh Rs.)

Rs.45 Lakh investment in Insu. Policy matures to Rs.79 Lakh, whereas

Rs.45 Lakh investment in Equity Mutual Funds matures to Rs.9.5 Crores.

Illustration: 2

1) Individual, A, invests only Rs.12500/- per Month in Equity Mutual Funds 

 2)Individual, B,  invests Rs.150000/- per Month in Money Back Insurance Policies.

in both cases

Final Maturity Amount will be

Rs. 9,46,00,000/-

Considering Adjustments in investments for the same tax & Life Insurance benefits in both cases for a 30 Years Investment Period.

Amount ( in Lakh Rs.)

Poor Return Investments Shall Erode the Long-term Wealth by almost 10 times compared to High Return Investments.

Do you Know What's Inflation ?

Gradual Rise in the cost/Price of Goods (T.V., A.C., Car, oil) & Services (Education Cost, Labor cost) year by year is called Inflation.

Average Rate of WPI Inflation in our Country: 6.5% / year

What should we Do?

Save our money in Investments where Return is more than 6.5% / Year,

Otherwise, our future purchasing power will be lost and Financial Struggle starts.


                 Equities are the only high Return Generating Investment options among all others, Of course with some Price Volatility now & then, Equity investments create the best long-term Wealth with Inflation beaten Returns.

                    IIFL securities is a well renowned SEBI Registered Securities market company Established more than 25 years back, in association with Our SEBI Certified Research Analyst and Equity Derivatives expert's Views;

                  We provide the best Research based recommendations in Equity, Bonds, IPOs, NFOs, NCDs, Sovereign Gold Bonds and other investments; Trading ideas in Equity, Commodity & Currency Derivatives (Futures & Options).

                  Based  on the Individual's Risk Profile,  We can choose the investment time horizon either for Long term or Short term. 

To Open an instant Demat & Trading Account from IIF Securities

To know about the Performance of our Past Recommendations

Security Market Investments are Subject to market Risk, Read all scheme related documents carefully before Investing duly Consulting a Financial Advisor. Past performance may not repeat in future and all the above illustrations are for proper understanding only.

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Authorised Franchise : F1K41



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(Equity Cash, Futures & Options)


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In our Entire website, there is no provision to Purchase any product, because without Knowing your Risk Profile, your actual Investment & Insurance needs,we don’t want to allow you to choose unintentional wrong investment options.

No more waiting, Talk to our Authorized Pesrson right today and Start Investing  & Trading in Equity & Derivative Markets.

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