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Aimed for a secure confident and wealthy Life full of Financial Freedom

Under the Advisory Guidance of SEBI Certified Professionals in Financial Advisory & Education, Stock Market Research Analysis, Equity Derivatives, Mutual Fund Investments, Insurance Products, Income Tax & GST Services and also with the partnership of well Renowned SEBI Registered Security markets Companies, GSTN Authorized GSP Channel Partners. 


Our Trending Products

Open an Instant Free  Account & Start investing at 

charges* as low as Rs.10/- 

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Mutual Funds

Invest  with a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and in 80 C Tax Saver Mutual funds

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Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Vehicle Insurance

Accidental & Disability Insurance

Never Invest / Leave your Hard-earned Money Just to save Taxes, Rather invest in High Return generating Investments where the Applicable taxes are comparably almost negligible in long-term.

Never Mix Your Investment with Insurance Products, Its wise to Separate them to get 100% Higher Returns.

Income Tax eFiling

Tax Planning & eFiling of Income Tax, Professional Tax, GST


Multi Product Savings Scheme

Just like Traditional Policy

Customized as per age

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Why Choose Us

It's an Avenue where both a single goal / Investment oriented Product and Multi Product Conglomerate of more of such goals are made available at one place, So the Product that Best suits to your actual needs/wants available for Least price from any Company can be recommended to you


Our Services

Equity Shares

We provide You the best Research based recommendations in Equity investments as per your investment Time Horizon and in Derivative Trading ideas as well.

Demat & Trading Account available for free of cost

( IIFL Securities - Authorized Franchise )


Mutual Funds

We Recommend You the Best Performing Mutual Funds among all AMFI Registered AMCs in india across all sectors and themes as per your Risk profile, Income Flow expectation, Life time Goals and investment time horizon.

All our Mutual fund transactions are in a more Secure, transparent and authentic way using the

BSE Star MF and / or NSE NMF II Mutual fund Platforms. 



We recommend you the best suitable Insurance Products (both Life & General Insurance) as per your actual insurance quantum and needs at a comparatively best and lowest premium cost ( up to 20% Discount) available at any IRDA authorized Insurance company.


Income Tax & GST

We provide you all accounting & Audit related Services like Income Tax Assessment & eFiling, Tax Audit, Professional Tax, TDS eFiling,

Registration & eFiling of  Goods & Service Tax , Regular Account Maintenance

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We are Registered / Regulated / Associated @

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Hear It from Our Customers

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As i have been in a busy Medical Profession, Find this '' SNR Finserv'' as  my one sure stop solution for all my financial needs at  a glance for my Long term Security market investment needs and for Proper Insurance and income tax planning on a real time basis.

Dr. S.V.Prasad,  Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh

With Us You Can

Invest in Equity

Direct Company Equity shares and Start Trding in Derivatives

Invest in Mutual Funds

with 100% transparency Genuity Authenticity

Get Insured

As per your actual Insurance needs

Plan Taxation

Start Tax Planning Early, Invest In tax saving Mutual Funds for Higher Return

Get Financial Education

Investments, Taxation, Insurance & Stock Market Views

In our Entire website, there is no provision to Purchase any product, because without Knowing your Risk Profile, your actual Investment & Insurance needs,we don’t want to allow you to choose unintentional wrong investment options.

No more waiting, Talk to our Financial Expert right today and Start step in to a secure, wealthy and confident  hassle free life with utmost financial freedom.

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